What is a Distressed Property?

It is a property that is under Foreclosure order or it is advertised for sale by its mortgagee. A Distressed Property usually fetches a price, that is much lower than the market value.

Why is a Distressed Property a Good Investment?

The main reason to buy a Distressed Property is the price. In most cases, a Foreclosure or Short Sale will be priced below the Market Value. The sellers are in a hurry to complete the sale, since they don’t want to invest more money to raise the value of the property.

What is a Distressed Sale?

When a property or other assets are sold quickly; which is often a loss. Distressed Sales occur as a loss; because the funds are tied up to the property and the funds are needed within a short period of time.

What is a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)?

A professional that has a true understanding of the issues of the Real Estate Industry and in-depth knowledge of Foreclosure avoidance, and the options available to homeowners. The Certified Distressed Property Expert provides fast leading solutions especially in Short Sales for homeowners facing market hardships. Las Casas Realty are the best experts in this field.

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