Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties, also known as Foreclosures, are homes or properties that are owned by the bank. Are you interested in purchasing a Real Estate Owned Property? There are a lot of affordable options for you! We can prequalify you for a loan; and you’ll want to work with an experience Real Estate Agent, and of course Las Casas Realty has them. If you are ready to shop for a Real Estate Owned Property, explore the listings on our website. If you found what you are looking for, contact us or call us at 323-254-2206.

How do you get a list of Foreclosed Homes?

You can find them on our website, use the filter on our website under foreclosure properties.

What does it mean when a home is Foreclosed to the Lender?

A Foreclosure is a process that allows a lender to sell or take possession of a property due to non-payment of a loan, which is secured by that property. This process is legally done.

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